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Service to help long-stay hospital patients transfer home

A social care organisation will launch a specialist service to help long term hospitalised patients with severe and complex needs transfer to community-supported accommodation.

The aim is to provide people who would otherwise remain in hospital with their own accommodation and bespoke support.

Praxis Care England director Richard Broughton said providing these homes will require dedicated high-quality care, high staffing levels and sensitively modified interiors.

‘Our aim is to create the best possible environment for people with complex needs to flourish and to enjoy fulfilled lives.

‘Praxis Care has been providing this specialist care in the community for decades and this will be the first time such a service is made available in the Greater Manchester area.

‘At this stage, we are assessing the demand for this service in Greater Manchester so we can begin preparations to acquire suitable properties and engage and train staff.

‘Once we have a clear understanding of exactly what are the needs and requirements of each client we will then put in place the correct living environments with all required support mechanisms and staff in place.’

Praxis Care has been active in Greater Manchester since 2006 and operates a residential site for 15 people with mental health issues in Plasden Court in Bury.

Photo Credit – Pixabay

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